Are you looking for help to plan a holiday or business trip in Indonesia?

With over a decade of living, working and exploring this fascinating archipelago, we can help you plan the ideal trip based on your requirements and interests.

Whilst we are keen to encourage people to sample the many hundreds of delights that lie beyond Bali, we also recognize that for first-timers it represents an easy introduction to Indonesian culture and Bali’s people are perhaps the most experienced when it comes to looking after foreign visitors. No surprise really!

When not travelling to new destinations, we divide our time between Jakarta and the United Kingdom, so we keep a very close eye on new developments in the travel and tourism sector in Indonesia and are familiar with what international travellers expect in terms of first-class service. From up-to-date advice on transport, hotels, activities to the cutting edge of new destinations in remote provinces, we are able to craft the perfect trip for you. Our network of local guides and attractions will ensure you have a fantastic time and return again and again.